Types of Pennsylvania Apples

We are excited to provide a variety of Pennsylvania Apples for home deliveries and fundraisers. Read about the different types of apples below along with their availability:

Buckeye Gala
These apples are sweet, juicy and crunchy! Buckeye is excellent for fresh eating and salad making.
Early September
Honey CrispPicture coming soon!A very crisp and juicy apple with a very sweet and tart flavor! Is more expensive than traditional apples. Early Septembr
Golden Delicious
Yellow skin is thin, flesh is firm, crisp and juicy.  Excellent for eating, baking, or sauce.  Stores well if refrigerated in crisper or plastic bag.
Mid to late September
A beautiful early Fuji selection that ripens 5 to 6 weeks ahead of regular Fuji.  Has a mild, sweet flavor with creamy white flesh and that great Fuji crunch.
Mid to late September
Currently Available!

Excellent eating apples! Empire apples are red, juicy, firm, crunchy and sweet!!
Late September
A sweet-tart apples that is both crispy and juicy
Late September
Red Delicious Apple-Red Delicious 1ea - Lunada Market & DeliMildly sweet taste with hints of melon!October
Granny SmithGranny Smith Apple Bag (3 lb bag) - InstacartA tart, crunchy, and crisp green apple!October
RedcortThis is a crisp and juicy apple that is a little more tart than sweet!October
Red CameoA red-striped, thinly-skinned apple that is flavorful, sweet, and juicy. Cameos hold their shape when cooked and stored.October
Currently Available for Home Delivery Only!
Pink LadyPicture coming soon!Golden Delicious and Lady Williams cross. Firm, crisp flesh and a unique tangy-tart, sweet flavor. Great for snacking, salads, pies, and, sauceLast October – Early November
Currently Available!
Gold RushPicture coming soon!Flesh is pale yellow, coarsely grained in texture, very firm, crisp and juicy. Develops best flavor after one month in storage. Good for pies and salads – resists oxidation. Also popular for cider productionlate October. Stores well into March.